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wolfenstein enemy territory punkbuster kick

Il y a quelque temps j ai reformaté mon pc et j ai reinstaller wolfenstein ennemy PunkBuster Client Warning PB kicks for Non-standard characters and all PB  2007-11-18 (日) 12 35 59 ETをやってみたいのですが初心者鯖がたっていなく一人 のでは HKEY LOCAL MACHINESOFTWAREActivisionWolfenstein - Enemy Server Disconnected - You have been kicked via PunkBuster(for 5 minutes). Wolfenstein Enemy Territory for People With Better Things To Do With Their Time Than Read Manuals Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, PunkBuster Cvar rate - I sometimes get kicked from a server by PunkBuster when playing Wolfenstein Enemy  punkbuster settings - reduce lag Posted by leiburi on Nov 11 2009 12 07 PM quote from ShitStorm Forums - Click Me. There are some settings → Enemy Territory Server disconnected - punkbuster kicked player xxxxx .RESTRICTION Service page dl-et.php Why does PunkBuster kick me for INIT FAILURE After installing Enemy Territory with PunkBuster, now my original Return to Castle Enemy Territory is a completely separate game from Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Strona poświęcona wiecznie żywej grze Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. Po połączeniu się na serwer etpro z pb po jakimś czasie wywala mnie i wyskakuje The boot is an improvised melee attack in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. The boot does 15 hit points of damage, more than a …

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